Shawville cook-off results are in (hint, we did well)!

We can’t say enough good things about the event in Shawville this past weekend.

From a purely results driven stand point… SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Team Sibling Rivalry came in second missing Grand Champion by a teeny 4 points (having said that, a first for chicken and a third for ribs left us over the moon, though we could not have lost to a nicer guy).  Full results here.

We tried a new presentation and a new sauce for our ribs as well as tweaking the recipe for chicken (paid off for this one, we’ll see if it was a one off at the next one).

Shawville itself is a great little town in Québec an hour or so west of Gatineau, worth going back for a visit without a smoker in the trunk.  Had the mayor on hand as well as a town councillor and some great volunteers.

Really though, the level of support the Canadian amateur circuit has gotten this year from Weber has been spectacular, and I for one hope it continues next year! Follow them on Twitter here.

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