Friendly Fires Kawartha Rib Cook Off (Also we won)

2013-Ptbo-Rib-Comp-Champs-1000x395This one was not a CSBBQA amateur event, just a straight up Side Rib Cook off.

First off, a big thank you to mother nature for holding off the rain until we were done and loading up the Mazda 5.

*Fun fact, without soccer equipment or children in the car you can fit a heck of a lot in those mini-mini vans (though you do have to take the legs off your Traegers to make them fit).

Hosted by the Jason and his team of other cheery reprobates at Friendly Fires in Peterborough, they put on one hell of a customer friendly and family friendly event. The crew brought in a Bouncy Castle for the kids, always a great idea (until one tries to get ones kids out of the bouncy Castle), live entertainment, some cooking demos on various grills and stone ovens, and a few reps doing product demos of their own.

2013-Ptbo-Rib-Comp-Rib-Rubn-432x4326 hours to cook 6 ribs for judging out of a minimum 3 racks. Competitors were given the choice to cook a total of 6 to 8 racks to share with passers by (I may have at one point referred to the situation as being descended  upon by a mass of starving whores, but hand to the bible and with slow smoked carcassy goodness as my witness I swear I meant to say hordes). We had the space so we cooked up 8 racks of St. Louisified ribs as well as a batch of ABT‘s and Armadillo Eggs (follow link for recipe)

ZomBBQ-700x933The main attraction however seemed to be a tie between fascination and awe of Meatventures UDS and Triple D’s John Deere Traeger.  Though Traegers came in 1st and second respectively in this comp, the ZomBBQ was definitely the Belle of the Ball. For the record, Salara makes some killer moinks (I’ve been meaning to ask him for his recipe).

On a related note,  I have a little request for any of you who may have tips and tricks, to-do’s, not to-do’s for both everyday and competition BBQ.  I would love to hear about them either in the comments or at for a series of posts that will either be called “Lessons learned the hard way” or “We screwed up and You Can Too!”.

To close off this bit of self congratulatory fuddle duddle, first prize at this event was a kick ass $1100 Saffire Kamado Grill. To see this sexy beast in action, I would encourage anyone to visit Friendly Fires at any one of their 3 locations, though for obvious reasons I am kinda partial to the guys and girls in Peterborough.




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