BBQLympiques in majestic Brossard QC

Our most recent attempt at competitive BBQ awesomeness, peer recognition, and adulation fell a bit short of expectations… sort of.

photo-1-11The event itself was fantastic; I dare say one of the best run events we’ve participated in all year.  Due in no small part to the efforts of the BBQ Quebec, the CSBBQA, and our host for the day Doyon Cuisine (well worth a visit next time you find yourself stranded on the south shore of Montreal and in need of kitchen, restaurant and/or BBQ supply). Special heartfelt thanks to the title sponsor of the Amateur BBQ Circuit Weber Grills their support for amateur BBQ in Canada has been nothing short of amazing!

Local BBQ restaurateur Dylan Kier from Blackstrap BBQ took top honours in the pro division, keeping his team (though he was flying solo for this event) undefeated in Québec. In the spirit of maintaining QC stereotypes – dude, you gotta try the burnt ends poutine at Blackstrap!

photo-3-11Scotty’s Bronco BBQ took top spot amongst us amateur types on the strength of some pretty amazing looking ribs and a strong showing for chicken. First  and second runners-up were Meatventures and Rope-a-Dope (two teams that are now just one tiny point apart in the overall season championship).  Not to put too fine a point on it, but that’s not just close, that’s jumpin’ Jezuz on a pogo-stick close.

photo-2-2Down here in the navel gazers anonymous section of the pool, Sibling Rivalry had a great weekend. We took first in Chicken which is AWESOME and did the opposite of first for our ribs which was, uh, uhm, not awesome.  We had a good cook, just was not our day  for porcine glory at the judges table.

I mentioned in opening, we only sort of fell short of expectations, we did after all have a great weekend of competing, got to hang out with family and friends, conned one of my best friends into doing a bunch of the grunt work (hopefully getting him hooked on competitive BBQ while we were at it), got top marks for our chicken and most of all, learned a tonne from the pro teams that were there to share.

Next up, Belle River! Last competition of the season.


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