A look back at assembling one of our Rec Tec Grills

How many pellets would a pellet pooper poop if a pellet pooper could poop pellets?

In the case of a Rec Tec Grill, up to 40 pounds worth without having to refill the hopper (this is awesome by the way).

There are plenty of reasons in our opinion to get a Rec Tec grill; actual technical reasons have been well covered here and here amongst countless other sources.  The real tale of the tape I say is here, these guys take customer service to a whole other level. Seriously, 84 amazon reviews and only 2 are less than 5 stars (and those 2 reviews are lowly 4 star reviews)?

Styling is subjective, some people love the horns, and some people hate them.  Some people love the cartoon bull, some people hate it. Taken as a whole mind you, you get pretty close to unanimity that the overall look is sharp, clean and speaks of quality.  Once assembled, this bad mamma jamma is one sturdy and rather heavy unit, certainly compared to our Traeger ‘Lil Tex’s (full disclosure, we have had great results at home and on the competition trail with our Traegers, we’ll speak more on the Traegers another time).  If you want a more apples to apples comparison, you have to pit the RecTec up against a Traeger Tex.

The Gallery below shows us putting this little fella together. Quite seriously, after seeing the giant cardboard box in my garage I was terrified, it was much easier than I thought it would be.  Frankly, the toughest part was getting this wee beastie across the border handling the import goodies by myself instead of using an agent.

There will be a follow up post coming soon to talk about actually cooking on the Rec Tec.  We’ve done the usual suspects so far, chicken, ribs, pulled pork, brisket, appetizers, wings, desserts and even a whole piggy which we cooked in -30 degree temperature (I suspect this one had a house made of straw as it did not get away, though it was delicious).

In any case, more adventures in pellet cooking to come, stay tuned.

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